That Agency Thing

That Agency Thing (196?), the rare industrial musical, is now available on this page! A tribute to the glory of radio advertising, it stars veterans of Broadway shows, TV shows, and commercials--Paul Frees (the voice of Boris Badanov and other Jay Ward characters), June Foray (Rocky of Rocky and Bullwinkle), and Herschel Bernardi. This is a suite of tunes, a mini musical with full orchestra. Bob Thompson and Alan Alch, two L.A.-based friends and writing partners, came up with a coherent piece that references show tunes and The Three Penny Opera with wit and charm.
For the first time this material, which most likely will never be released, can be more widely heard. This is only one of a handful of full industrial musicals posted on the Web.
The hopeless, schlocky fare of most industrial musicals is absent here. "That Agency Thing is probably one of the highest-quality industrial musicals ever made," according to Jonathan Ward, author of Recruit, Train, and Motivate, a history of industrial musicals.     

Bob Thompson

Alan Alch

June Foray

Paul Frees

Byron Kane
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Herschel Bernardi
Bob Thompson earned a Grammy nomination and went on to win several Cleos for some of his thousands of commercial tunes. He's best known for his solo orchestral album from 1960, The Sound of Speed. Alan Alch continued writing for decades and his titles can be seen on the BMI online database. The BancAmericard commercial heard in That Agency Thing was an actual ad penned by Bob and Alan. The pair also wrote a song for the infamous Jerry Lewis Just Sings. And now the story of Inlike Agency, where Mr. Inlike's charges must work the weekend to create a campaign for "a compelling new medium"--radio...
1. Intro: Inlike Agency Hail to Thee! (1.24) | 2. Life at an Agency (6.34) | 3. Inventing a New Medium (5.39)
4. Convincing Mr. Inlike (6.03) | 5. Who Takes Credit? Me! (1.59) | 6. Life at an Agency (reprise) (3.29)
7. Credits (.43)

Bob Thompson Music now on iTunes!